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    Philosophical city walk through Rotterdam

    Socrates: “why my friend you keep on wandering? You always take yourself with you.
    Therefore you will always find yourself.”

    As a tribute to a great pratical philosopher, Erasmus, who was born in Rotterdam, I invite you to a philosophical walk through town. We will visit four places and connect them with thought: first, the Pilgrim father church of Delfshaven, where the Pilgrim fathers left for America, a place to contemplate the meaning of wandering; second the age old statute of Erasmus in the centre or Rotterdam, a hallmark to a contemplation of the human being as such, third we walk the inner city of Rotterdam marked by many mordernist buildings to contemplate the relationship between human being and structure/order; and fourth we visit an example of post modern architecture (cube houses at the Blaakse bos) to contemplate the self in the confusing modern times.

    We will visit the places and focus on the relationship between thought and place. The city of Rotterdam is very suitable for this. Because Rotterdam has been bombed in WO II it doesn't contain many old buildings anymore, and therefore thoughts prevail. Rotterdam is a modern city with a fascinating  architecture. We will read some text fragments of philosophers at the places mentioned, try to make you think, to be conscious, and make you leave with an unforgetable experience of Rotterdam.

    ·  You can enjoy a city walk for 15 euro/day, meals excluded (min. 6 persons). For smaller groups the fee is 90 euros.